About Evans

Matt EvansHello, I am Matthew Evans, the creator of a weekly editorial cartoon which has been regularly printed in two British Columbia newspapers for several years. I was raised in England & New Zealand, where I was influenced heavily by the cartoonist Carl Giles & by Murray Ball's; "Footrot Flats" enjoying both artists attention to detail in their renderings.

This detail is of particular interest to me because of my colour vision deficiency and I enjoy hiding small jokes within jokes in my work. I use pen & ink with an acrylic wash on bristol board to create my cartoons.

I have received formal art training at George Brown College in Ontario and at Capilano University in British Columbia, as well as classes with individual artists in British Columbia.

My cartoons frequently poke fun at hypocrisy (often my own) but I try hard not to be nasty. They are often political but also include general commentary on human nature. The cartoons I currently draw are intended for a British Columbia audience. I hope that they offer a new slant on news and on life in general to readers.

The daily news, our flawed politicians, everyday life, my friends, my wife, three children & assorted pets provide me with plenty of ongoing material.

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